How It All Began

SmallWorld was founded in 2015 by Jake Curreri in Fayetteville, AR after recognizing a need for transparency, honesty, and quality in development services for small and large companies. Producing quality work that evokes passion is the driving force for SmallWord’s success and it shows in our final products.

"When I founded SmallWorld in 2015, I set upon a vision: a firm of valued engineers and designers working together on hard problems. We weren’t interested in being defined solely as a web agency or a development firm. We were entrepreneurs, designers, and architects—crafting real-world applications—interested in making products and services that would build industry-changing standards. We wanted to work on every platform we could and deliver sublime experiences."

Jake Curreri, CEO

Today, SmallWorld is a global technology consulting firm implementing strategies and bringing concepts to life with clients and employees around the world.

Fayetteville, AR

Austin, TX

Bennington, VA

Brisbane, Queensland

London, England

Miami, FL

New York City, NY

Paris, France

Quebec, Canada

San Francisco, CA

Washington, D.C.

Seattle, WA