Jake Curreri

Jake Curreri

Chief Executive Officer

"When I founded SmallWorld in 2015, I set upon a vision: a firm of valued engineers and designers working together as peers on hard problems. We weren’t interested in being defined solely as a web agency or a development firm, and we weren’t specifically digital. We were entrepreneurs, designers, and architects—crafting real-world applications—interested in making products and services that would build and define strong paradigms. We wanted to work on every platform we could and deliver sublime experiences."

Jake founded SmallWorld in 2015. He received his B.S. in Industrial Engineering from the University of Arkansas, emphasizing in Computer Science. His aim is to impact the world through learning, leading, and giving. He has appeared on the Tonight Show walking on his hands and has unsuccessfully auditioned for the Disney channel.

He fed his entrepreneurial spirit by launching SmallWorld, constructing systems generating over $400M in annual revenue. In addition, he consults on the executive board for multiple corporations.

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