We grow together.

SmallWorld is a people-first company, and that is how we build great products. We are a culture organized around enabling people to perform great work.

Our Values

A willingness to personally develop within these behaviors and skills is what we care most about.


· We inspire others to strive towards excellence.

· We care, deeply, about personal development.

· We desire to be a part of building something great.


· We re-think issues to discover solutions to hard problems.

· We challenge assumptions, and suggest better approaches.

· We simplify complex problems into manageable pieces.


· We learn fast.

· We contribute outside of our specialities.

· We make see new and fresh perspectives.


· We are concise and articulate.

· We listen well and seek to understand before reacting.

· We provide each other with timely, candid feedback.


· We value personal integrity.

· We desire to see our most authentic, vulnerable selves in our work.

· We are vocal with questions that aren’t being asked.

Process-Driven Work

We believe process enables results. We’re all about increased productivity and learning, rather than micro-management — processes help us get more done. This creates an environment that sets expectations, then encourages breaking the rules. When we take on a new opportunity, we create a system that we trust, sharing our experiences across SmallWorld.

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