August 19th, 2021

Medical Startups Now Focus On Personalized Health Tech, An Approach To Cure MSK and Chronic Pain

Interventional medicine remains the dominant method in Western healthcare - meaning a patient is only seen once symptoms arise, and treatment can become a long game of trial and error.

Personalized health tech, including wearables that monitor one's health, or even using DNA, changes this by giving an individual access to his daily health, as well as alerts to pre-disposed conditions.

Medical startups are competing to enter the personalized health tech industry, as an attempt to reinvent treatment towards musculoskeletal (MSK) medical conditions and chronic pain. In 2017, the MSK medicine market was valued at $57.4B, while the chronic pain market (which overlaps with MSK medicine) expected to reach $151.7B by 2030.

Digital health tech continues to disrupt the future of treatment and preventative care in Western medicine, and possibly for the better.

Digital Health
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