August 4th, 2021

Supercritical launches carbon removal offset marketplace for tech firms to reach net zero

Our use of digital technologies now causes more CO2 emissions than the entire aviation industry.

Tech companies have been trying to offset their carbon footprints for years - unfortunately, most carbon offsetting schemes are ineffective at best, and don’t actually remove carbon from the environment.

Start-up company Supercritical is out to change that, and developed the most efficient solution for carbon removal yet. It promises to help businesses get to net zero by measuring their climate impact and selling high-impact carbon removal offsets.

Raising $2.7m in pre-seed funding, Supercritical already has clients (such as accuRx, Tide and what3words) and has positioned itself to become a market-maker for these emerging solutions. Though these technologies are still early in development, tech companies can soon begin to see positive change surrounding their impact on the environment.

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