Product Consulting




Product consulting makes the unmanageable manageable by taking the time to funnel ambiguous, unrefined business and product ideas into clear strategies with a sound roadmap. By asking the right questions, we help brands discover the core of their identities and craft a high-stakes story where the customer is the champion. In addition, SmallWorld is here to help you translate technical terms and ideas into simpler concepts that can be communicated across teams in your organization. Come with an idea and let us do the heavy lifting to bring it to life.

Our Four Step Process

Consultation Phase

We focus on the purpose, progress, and impact of the systems and products. Our approach is flexible and based on rapid design iterations driven by insights, prototyping, and continuous validation.

Design Phase

After we grasp an understanding of your technological needs, we’ll immediately begin laying the groundwork, providing strategic design before, during, and after product foundations.

Implementation Phase

Once a foundation is established and a clear plan in place, we'll support you in building capabilities and products by serving you on a project and advisory level — whether hands-on software development or guiding an existing team.


We provide continued advisement on brand strategy, system updates, and agile KPIs. The ever-progressive world of technology continues to evolve. Likewise our relationship with you.

See Your Business Grow

SmallWorld product consulting can lead to a myriad of offered services that include:

Research and Insights

Brand Development

Business Strategy

Experience Strategy

Service Design

Product Design

Startup Support

Dynamic Venture Growth

Expansive Product Development

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Digital Product Acceleration

Digital Transformation

Website and App Development

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