What We Do

We inspire world changing ideas and craft cutting-edge technologies through the development of meaningful brands, creative strategies, and innovative software. Our work enables organizations to stay relevant and transform their ability to make, adapt and grow.

As a business we need to navigate uncharted territories, we use design as a strategic tool to understand customer needs, discover new opportunities, make the right decisions, accelerate time to market, and drive the digital transformation process.

SmallWorld provides brand strategy, business consulting, software development and systems design at scale for over 30 locations across 12 countries.

Our Service Areas

Digital Product Acceleration

Updating your existing digital platform to meet the needs of current and future customers can be invaluable to your business. From complete rebuilds to UX redesigns, our team of developers and strategists are here to provide fresh perspective and clarity to an existing platform.

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Digital Transformation

There comes a time to meet demands in every successful business. Taking your physical product into the digital art space can feel daunting. Our team is able to translate the challenging concepts into physical growth for your product while providing coaching along the way.

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Product Consulting

We make the unmanageable manageable by taking the time to funnel ambiguous, unrefined business and product ideas into clear strategies with a sound roadmap for the path ahead. By asking the right questions we help brands discover the core of their identities and craft a high-stakes story where the customer is the champion.

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Website and App Development

Amazing ideas are nothing without implementation. Our value-minded development team produces business value to your vision. Through an intense focus on UX, we design, build and deploy cutting-edge digital products, mobile applications, and websites that help businesses achieve full functionality.

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Other Areas of Expertise

Research and Insights - Brand Development - Business Strategy Experience Strategy - Service Design - Product Design - Startup Support - Dynamic Venture Growth - Expansive Product Development

Our Connection to Client Work

Comprehensive Curiosity

None of our work is done in isolation. We take the time to understand the whole picture so we can offer a full, strategic experience from the consulting phase to the advancing phase. You deserve the absolute best from us, which means our entire team—developers, brand authors, business experts, and designers—will be working together to accomplish your vision.

Data-Driven Innovation

At our core, we are a technology company. Analytics is one of our primary tools when delivering innovation. Interpretation of data will lead to a more streamlined and understandable product, conveying confidence and impact.

Transparent Partner Experiences

We know that our greatest investment is in our client relationships. We take earning your trust seriously, providing a comfortable, clear consulting experience during each phase. We pride ourselves on frequent and honest communication that achieves results.

Anything good starts with a conversation.