What We Do

We inspire bold ideas and craft cutting-edge technologies through the development of creative strategies and innovative software. Our work enables organizations to adapt and grow into the digital world.

As a business, we use design, code, and prototyping as tools to understand client needs, discover new opportunities, accelerate time to market, and drive the digital transformation process.

SmallWorld has provided business consulting, software development, and system design at scale for over 30 locations across 12 countries.

Our Service Areas

Digital Product Acceleration

Updating your existing digital platform to meet the needs of current and future customers can be invaluable for your business. From UX redesigns to software development, our team of developers and strategists provides a fresh perspective to an existing platform.

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Digital Transformation

There comes a time to meet digital demands in every successful business. Whether you’re moving your physical product into the digital space or expanding digital capabilities, our team translates challenging concepts into pivotal product growth while providing coaching along the way.

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Product Consulting

Launching a product requires industry research, fiscal planning, integration partnerships, and an exit strategy. Our team breaks the process into manageable opportunities — translating technical terms and ideas into simpler concepts.

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Website and App Development

Our development team produces business value according to your vision. Each product requires a different technological stack. Our curiosity allows us to experiment with our own products to bring your business the leadership it needs to develop mobile apps and websites.

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Other Areas of Expertise

Business Strategy - Industry Research - Fiscal Planning - Product Design - Rapid Testing - Software Development - Cross-Team Support - Exit Planning - Integration Analysis

Our Connection to Client Work

Data-Driven Innovation

Analytics is one of our primary tools when delivering innovation. Interpretation of data will lead to a more streamlined and understandable product, conveying confidence and impact.

Open-Ended Consultations

We take the time to understand your needs in order to provide a full, strategic experience on every level of our partnership. You deserve the best from us - our entire team will be working together to accomplish your vision.

Transparent Partnerships

We take earning your trust seriously - providing a comfortable, clear consulting experience during each phase. We pride ourselves on frequent and honest communication that achieves results.

Every great venture begins with a conversation.