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Students are faced with complex, real-world challenges during each lesson and are tasked with using sophisticated technical tools to solve them.

Hello World Studio's teaching philosophy is centered on growing true programming and computational abilities that can be applied to any field at the highest levels of rigor and with limitless ceilings.

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Hello World offers a rigorous catalog of project-based learning experiences centered on students mastering concepts in emerging technology fields. Their courses are modeled after college and graduate-level computer science and engineering programs and focus on applied mathematics, simulation and modeling as a means to solving complex problems. Students learn directly from their team of industry leaders, including software engineers, artificial intelligence architects and data scientists to prototype and test solutions to real world challenges.

SmallWorld joined Hello World Studio to craft their digital experiences. From branding to website development, our philosophy has been to align with Hello World's philosophy and pedagogical practices to infuse lessons on non-cognitive skills such as learning from failure, perseverance and leading with curiosity.

Thank. You. SmallWorld. For all of our projects, we have had very tight deadlines and strict requirements from our sponsors. SmallWorld has gone above and beyond, enabling growth across multiple modalities.

Sabina Bharwani, Founder, Hello World Studio



Because we tested Hello World Studio's capabilities in a workshop setting, the experience had to be approachable for both parents and students with a low-barrier entry.


The digital experience needed to come together, allowing potential parents and students to become familiar and comfortable with Hello World Studio, and understand its value in a very short period of time.

"We hope to one day have the team of SmallWorld come to Austin, Texas to instruct on programming and computational philosophies. Their customer services is unparalled."

Sabina Bharwani, Founder, Hello World Studio

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