A new marketing service aimed to embody the mission in Marfa, Texas

Marfa Sounding is a series of site-specific performances, sound installations, screenings, and conversations that explore the relationship between music, movement, and site in the development of Minimalism.

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Focused on the manipulation and disruption of time in relation to architectural space and environment—from extended duration to the unpredictable frequencies of wind—the series situates this embodied exploration in the small Texas town of Marfa. Moving beyond the best-known history of this place as a site for the permanent installation of large-scale works by Judd and his contemporaries, this geographically and temporally bounded sounding engages complex histories of a community’s transformation. This project began with a 2015 curatorial residency at Fieldwork Marfa, a joint initiative of Nantes School of Art (France) and HEAD–Genève (Switzerland).

Taking place over three years each May, the project explores sound in relationship to landscape, movement, and sculpture.

In 2016, Marfa Sounding highlighted the compositions of Alvin Lucier and Éliane Radigue through performances by cellist Charles Curtis. Focusing on how sound could measure the geographical and architectural specificities of site, this inaugural series highlighted the importance of personal relationships in the development of music.

In 2017, the project turns its attention to the influence of choreographer Anna Halprin through performances by Stephen Petronio, Silas Riener and Rashaun Mitchell in collaboration with musician Phillip Greenlief, and films by Jacqueline Caux, Kevin Hayden, and Andy Abrahams Wilson.

In 2018, the focus will be the relationship of sound with both site and sculpture through the presentation of a new work by artist Tarek Atoui.

We gave SmallWorld a very difficult task: create Marfa Sounding and do it from an easy-to-use CMS. They turned something difficult into something beautiful. Jake and his team have pure genius.

Jennifer Burris Staton, Co-Founder and Curator of Marfa Sounding


In-studio Incubation

SmallWorld welcomed Marfa Sounding into the studio to work side by side in order to complete the project in 2 weeks. This close collaboration resulted in a speedy delivery for a project that would normally take several months to complete. Any business wanting a truly lean, agile process should consider their level of collaboration.

Brand Transformation

Because Marfa Sounding is a part of a larger organization (Fieldwork Marfa), taking the time to truly understand the mission and motivation behind the work within the context of the Marfa was vital in helping SmallWorld create a new brand that represented the core values of Marfa Sounding.

In combination with NWS’s industry-specific knowledge, digital solutions and proximity to Arkansas customers, our goal is to create a proactive, future-oriented knowledge team to drive business development and digital transformation.

Jake Curreri, Founder, SmallWorld

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