Increasing image, infrastructure, and productivity for the future of Russellville Glass Company

In 2000, RGC Glass Inc. decided to add a second office in Fayetteville, AR. The booming commercial construction market was open to competition and the need for a glass and glazing subcontractor was apparent. The company re-branded itself as RGC Glass Inc. to better fit its desire to be statewide.

RGC Glass Inc. continues to pride itself as an authentic, generous and transparent place to conduct business with citizens of the great state of Arkansas. Our Russellville, AR branch focuses on the residential and light commercial market while our Fayetteville, AR branch focuses on commercial projects including remodels, tenant finish outs and large ground-up projects. Behind the leadership of John Whiteside, RGC Glass Inc. reported over $32M in net revenue for 2016.

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RGC Glass Inc.’s ambition is to grow, lead, and renew the construction sub-contractor landscape by bringing its transparent, authentic, and generous world to a much larger audiences through different formats including TV and advertising, digital media, commercial glass, and on-site repairs. 2017 marked an important milestone with the launch of their first rebrand for the Russellville office. 2018 marked the launch of their proprietary Inventory & Warehouse Management System. In this moment of expansion for RGC Glass, they issued a brief to evolve their master brand identity.

SmallWorld worked closely with the RGC Glass brand and construction team to simplify the master brand identity into a more emblematic form that could take on the personality and skin of their business. For branding, we produced brand assets, photography, a website, a logo, and style guides that allowed them to build on the equity of their “log man” mark and showcase their rich portfolio. For infrastructure, we developed a proprietary Inventory & Warehouse Management System, warehouse map, and project alert communications system.

The new RGC Glass Inc. brand identity officially launched in August 2017. The identity was unveiled throughout the state of Arkansas. The new RGC Glass Inc. infrastructure launched in May 2018.

We collaborated with a kick-ass creative team at SmallWorld. There was a great cultural fit between our teams and we really thought about the creative process before diving into the project. We took our concepts to the field early on, which I also think is symptomatic of what this new identity means. We are aiming for greater leadership in the construction industry.

John Garrett Whiteside, President, RGC Glass, Inc.


Put the client at the heart of the process

Although the identity and infrastructure evolution could be considered a relatively simple process in terms of design complexity, the real challenge was gaining alignment across an industry plagued by distrust. We tested the designs with the construction industry early on and refined them based on the feedback we received. Putting the client at the heart of the process helped us generate internal buy-in, so that upon launch, the entire organization and wider construction community felt a genuine sense of ownership.

Master brand as a window into product

The RGC Glass Inc. brand team recognized the importance of creating an identity system that allowed the individual personality of the RGC Class Inc. brands to shine through, whilst strengthening the master brand by unifying it under an evolved and simplified identity. We amplified the importance of the products and stripped back everything else to create a flexible system that can adapt as the RGC Glass Inc. portfolio grows.

"A great brand identity is the truth about an organization articulated in a clear and salient way - not adding unnecessary visual noise or clutter. In RGC Glass’s case, building on the equity of the original client base and heroing their fantastic developments was key to communicate."

Jake Curreri, Founder, SmallWorld

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