Creating a clairvoyant, direct insurance experience through software design

Sims & Renner Insurance has approximately 400 years of combined insurance experience. They write business across the entire United States. They write all lines of insurance, only contracting with reliable insurance companies to employ coverage options that fit all needs.

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SmallWorld jumped on the opportunity to work with Sims & Renner Insurance. The insurance business as a whole is plagued with poor design and failed software architechture.

Working with the Sims & Renner Insurance team required consultation with third party insurance providers. SmallWorld guided Sims & Renner in navigating the waters of their concerns in the present and expectations of the future.

With a combined solution, involving website design and API development, SmallWorld lead Sims & Renner to an enhanced insruance experience for both their customers and their agents.


Master Guidance

Much of software development involves consultation. A brand is what you promise, an experience is proof of that promise. By taking the time to learn the insurance industry, we were able to deliver a clearer, more intentional product.

Intricate Programs

Because of the wide usage of insurance offerings, the software must be flexible. This requries clear, concise scripts and frequent refactoring of what may incur technical debt. We deligated time within the project dedicated to refactoring the development.

"Greg Sims and the team are remarkable. Their persistence to providing their clients with an unparalleled experience made our teams a natural fit. The project had it's hurdles of third-party integrations, but with transparency and authenticity, we got the job done. I look forward to our future together."

Jake Curreri, Founder, SmallWorld

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