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Southern Tradition Real Estate strives to provide you with the most in depth information and technology on local homes, neighborhoods, and schools.

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Southern Tradition Real Estate is dedicated to providing you with the most powerful tools, information, and resources you need in researching real estate within our communities and neighborhood. We are confident that there are no other sites on the web that provide you with more easy-to-use and comprehensive information about the local areas.

SmallWorld partnered with Southern Tradition Real Estate to build a platform you can search homes for sale, save and compare properties, explore neighborhoods with our sophisticated map capability, and request detailed information on properties that interest you. You can also schedule showings of properties you want to see at any time.

SmallWorld completely exceeded every expectation we had set. Nothing more needs to be said about a job well-done.

Ben Israel, Owner, Southern Tradition Real Estate


Customer expectations are key

Customer expectations have changed in the real estate industry. Instances of buffering and poor image quality are no longer acceptable. They expect a consistent experience of searching their life-chaning home from anywhere in the world, whenever and wherever it suits them.

We need to find the balance between the pursuit of property itself, the need for customers to search properties on their own, and reinforce the connections that occur contacting an agent.

"We partnered with SmallWorld to define and meet ambitious product design requirements, ultimately creating a delightful and engaging experience for our potential clients."

Ben Israel, Owner, Southern Tradition Real Estate

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