Using design to provide peace of mind to Chapter 7 bankruptcy in California

TurboBK is a business making bankruptcy easier for debtors, creditors, and courts. We've built a new type of legal tool. One that helps you get debt relief without an attorney. If you're interested in filing yourself, follow our easy step-by-step process.

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By designing a streamlined solution to Chapter 7 bankruptcy in the courts of California, TurboBK lends a hand to the unfortunate nature of difficult times.

SmallWorld joined the ventures of TurboBK. From individual, page-by-page mockups of the experience to the hard-coded development of the bankruptcy tool, SmallWorld worked with TurboBK every step of the way.


Human-centered design is the foundation for bankrupcty services

Today's ever more complicated bankrupcty regiments, combined with overworked men and women, make the bankruptcy process extraordinarily difficult. Treating these conditions and encouraging expedited delivery as part of the filing regiment presents an even greater solution.

"The TurboBK team is founded on authentic values. Collectively, they are a group aspiring to reduce the stress associated with bankruptcy. Though it be an impossible task, they take the weight of the impossibility on their shoulders. SmallWorld had complete pleasure teaming up with Steve and company."

Jake Curreri, Founder, SmallWorld

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